My Three Words for 2014

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Last year I chose the words platform, lean, and tribes around which to frame all of my goals and disciplines. I made major progress on platform and tribes, with much work still to be done. And I completely bombed on lean (until the end of the year, I didn't increase my effeciency … [Read more...]

No Margin Is An Error

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No profit margin wouldn't be an error; it would be a disaster. This is a different margin. It never fails that type-A personalities try to fill every block on the calendar. They try to cram as much as they possibly can onto the calendar because, in their minds anyway, they … [Read more...]

We Can Have the Business If We Match Their Price

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“Hooray! We can have the business if we match their existing supplier’s price.” Why would you ever have to match your prospect’s existing supplier’s price? Why would your prospect be compelled to change if they didn’t believe some better result was possible? And if there isn’t … [Read more...]