Ten Popular Ideas About Sales That Aren’t Exactly True

Ten Things About Sales That Aren't Exactly True

There are all kinds of ideas about what works and what doesn't work in sales. Some of it contains a truth, but not the whole truth. Buyers are doing a ton of research. It’s true that buyers are doing research. Maybe some are 57%, 67%, or 117% through their buying process … [Read more...]

Four Rules for This Disruptive Age

Four Rules for This Disruptive Age

You want certainty. You want to know that what you are doing is working now and will continue to work in the future. What you really want is a sustainable competitive advantage. But there is no longer any “sustainable” in competitive advantage. The last thing you can expect in … [Read more...]

Keeping Context Lists by Relationship

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After your responsibility to develop yourself personally and professionally, your next greatest responsibility is to your relationships. You have to keep track of your relationships, and when you interact with the most important people in your life, you need an agenda. I'm a … [Read more...]

When Little Data Is Bigger Than Big Data

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Big Data is all the rage. And with good reason, too. There is so much data being created, captured, sorted, sifted through, analyzed, reported, sold, and shared that extraordinary business insights are inevitable. And we’re just getting started. But not so fast! With all this … [Read more...]