What Is Not a Buying Signal

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There is a lot of confusion about what is a buying signal and what isn’t. LinkedIn A prospective client accepting your LinkedIn connection request is not a buying signal. The barrier for most people when it comes to accepting connection requests on LinkedIn might be lower … [Read more...]

Social Is One to Many

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Social Media was once called Social Media Marketing because, when marketers grabbed hold of the tools, they recognized them as one to many. The battle over whether or not the tools are for community or marketing can be traced back to 1999, and I offer the best of all evidence, … [Read more...]

Episode 36 – Up Your Game with David Bradford

David Bradford is a hard man to introduce. I'll point you here to his website to learn more, because to describe him simply as the CEO if Hirevue is to do him an injustice. David is a brilliant connector, a hustler, and an operator. He gets things done. But most importantly, he … [Read more...]

Prospecting is a Campaign

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Prospecting isn't an event. Prospecting isn’t something that you do one time in an attempt to open an opportunity in a relationship with your dream client. Prospecting is a campaign. You know I’m still a big fan of cold calling (download my free e-book here). But cold calling by … [Read more...]

Episode 12 – On Success and Social Selling with Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley is social selling evangelist. As one of the first 100 employees hired atSalesforce.com, as the Eloqueen at Eloqua, and now in her new role as a social media evangelist in sales enablement at Oracle, Jill is the perfect example of someone who possess the attributes … [Read more...]

Leaving A Trail of Negativity Behind You

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You’re entitled to your opinions. It’s okay that you have strong political leanings in some direction. You might even believe that it’s your duty and responsibility to share your opinions with the rest of us. But you might do well to consider whether social media is the right … [Read more...]

Episode 9 – The Changing World of Sales with Jill Konrath

Does Jill Konrath really require an introduction? I think not. Jill shares ideas about what’s changed in sales, gives a wake up call to sales leadership, shares how social media is a like a small town, and shares some of the results of her LinkedIn survey. Show Notes Jill … [Read more...]

They’re Looking Back

They're Looking Back

You’re using social media tools to look at your prospective clients. You’re using things like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get an understanding of who your prospective client really is, what they’re thinking about, and how you might make a connection. And that’s all well … [Read more...]

What Your Digital Surrogate Sells

What Your Digital Surrogate Sells

You research your prospective clients before you call them. You research them before you actually make a sales call, too (right?). You try to learn as much as you can about them so you’re prepared when you finally with them. And there's a lot of information available. You learn a … [Read more...]