The Invaluable Nature of Mistakes

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I was a better salesperson before I was given my first job in sales. I just tried to get people to meet with me, some did, and some gave me good opportunities. Then my manager made me a full time, outside salesperson. The company armed me with a big binder full of our history, … [Read more...]

On Latent Dissatisfaction and Dissatisfaction

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The primary reason insight-based selling is so hot right now is because there is so much latent dissatisfaction. It’s difficult to create opportunities without a reason to change. Your prospective clients have plenty to be dissatisfied about, but they may not yet be aware of how … [Read more...]

Episode 30 – On Mindset with Hector LaMarque

I tell this story on the podcast, but here it is again. One day I received an email. It just had a phone number for me to dial. When I called the number, it was Hector LaMarque, National Sales Director for Primerica, speaking to his sales force. He read them part of some post I … [Read more...]

Don’t Yell Louder. Refine Your Message.

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The customs agent was losing his patience with the small, demure Asian woman standing in front of him, struggling to understand his command that she sign her custom form. He yelled, “I need your signature!” It was the fourth time he made his demand, each time asked louder and … [Read more...]

You Are Teaching. But Are You Also Learning?

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One of the ways you create value for your clients is by having the business acumen and the situational knowledge to help them do better business. Having a teachable insight is all the rage, even though I don’t believe it’s easy to get real chops (and I don’t believe we’re doing … [Read more...]

Work On the Business Instead of In the Business

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As a leader, you are so mired down with work that there isn’t any hope of every truly being caught up. You can delegate and defer to your hearts delight, but the demands are unrelenting. It can feel like every time you get one activity that needs your attention under control it’s … [Read more...]

Play the Angel’s Advocate

Play the Angel's Advocate

Have you ever been faced with a problem and, in an attempt to solve it, shared ideas only to have your ideas shot down by everyone in the room? Have you ever left a meeting where nothing was decided because every idea presented was immediately dismissed as wrong, too difficult, … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Luddites: Master the New Technologies Or Else

An Open Letter to Luddites: Master the New Technologies, Or Else

Imagine a delivery driver at the beginning of the 20th century. He delivers goods using a horse and carriage. His company scratches together the money for an automobile. But the delivery driver refuses to use it, saying, "I don't want to learn to drive one of those things. What's … [Read more...]

How to Inoculate Yourself Against Errors

How to Inoculate Yourself from Errors

No one wants to make an error. Whether a mistake costs you an opportunity, a client, or something else, it isn’t a pleasant experience. One of the reasons we hate making mistakes is the fact that other people are keeping score. The bigger the mistake, the longer—and more … [Read more...]

What They Did to Succeed

What They Did to Succeed

Some dreamed. Some talked about doing something. They started. Some listened to others. Some heard the voice of the critics. They ignored the others. They didn’t even hear the critics. Some never tried because they were too afraid to fail. They failed. Some never tried, … [Read more...]