Leaders Focus On the Future

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Leadership is no easy task. To be successful you have to manage a large and complex set of competing priorities. It’s tough to make decisions under pressure. It’s difficult to sometimes know what needs to be done now. And it’s tough to do good work when so many people are … [Read more...]

The Leader’s Guide to Monday Morning

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It's Monday morning. How do you know you are going to make progress this week? Here are four action items that will ensure you start your week with activities that will move things forward. 1. Reiterate the Message You might be tempted to believe that you need to change your … [Read more...]

Before Things Go Sideways

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Things go sideways sometimes, even when you do your very best. Here's what you can do before that happens. Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep: Your client stakeholders are listening to the commitments you make. They are keeping track, and later they will keep score. If you … [Read more...]