The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Don’t Hold Back

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I remember the decision I made to change my life and hold myself to a higher standard than anyone expected of me. It happened in an instant, and the backlash was almost as fast. Some friends, and a few family members, were immediately critical, attacking me for the changes I had … [Read more...]

The Hustler’s Playbook: Let No One Tell You What To Do

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If you want to be successful, let no one ever tell you what to do. If someone has to tell you what your goals are, then the only goals you have are someone else’s goal. If someone has to tell you what your major responsibilities are, then you aren’t doing enough to be as … [Read more...]

On Unhealthy Shortcuts

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Very few shortcuts are healthy (here’s one). Most are an attempt to get results now without having to pay the price for those results. There is no shortcut to exceptional health. You have to do all of things that lead to exceptional health, like getting enough sleep, making … [Read more...]