Make Big Choices

Small Choices

It's a small choice to spend time in your email. It’s an even smaller choice to leave your email open all day, every day. It's a small choice to open the web browser. It's a small choice to live in Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, or LinkedIn. It's a small choice to watch that … [Read more...]

I Dare You to Track Your Time

I Dare You Track to Your Time

I dare you to write down everything you do and the amount of time you spend doing it for three days. I dare you to start tracking every activity from the moment you get up in the morning (including the time you get up) until the time you go to bed for 72 straight hours. I dare … [Read more...]

My Three Words for 2013

alt text image of an art gallery displaying three pictures

My good friend, Chris Brogan, is a master meme creator. Each year on January 1, Chris chooses three words that make up his themes for the coming year. Chris has infected my mind and my work with a number of memes, and this year he got me with this one. I like the idea of … [Read more...]