Filling In the Gaps In Your Performance

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Is there a difference between your current performance and the performance you want? Can you recognize a gap? Producing better results means filling those gaps. If I had to guess, I’d guess that the gap between your present sales results and the results you want mostly needs to … [Read more...]

Be Exceptional at What Is In Your Control

Be Exceptional at What Is In Your Control

So many things in sales are outside of your control. This means that you have to be exceptional at all of the things that are within your control. You don’t have any control over the relationship that your dream client has with your competitor, whether they are deeply in love … [Read more...]

The Best Questions for Your Needs Analysis

The Best Questions for Your Needs Analysis

There is no “best question” for you to ask during your needs analysis sales call. There are “best questions.” Personally, I like to ask questions based on the client’s stage in their buying cycle. But there are a lot of ways you can categorize great sales questions. Who … [Read more...]

On a Positive Negative

On a Positive Negative

It’s difficult to overthrow the status quo. People don’t change without good reason. The kind of gaps that give rise to change can be negative or positive. The survival of the company is the greatest possible dissatisfaction and threat a business will ever face. That's framing … [Read more...]

We Can Have the Business If We Match Their Price

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“Hooray! We can have the business if we match their existing supplier’s price.” Why would you ever have to match your prospect’s existing supplier’s price? Why would your prospect be compelled to change if they didn’t believe some better result was possible? And if there isn’t … [Read more...]

Being Comfortable in the Gray

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Most things aren’t black or white. They aren't either/or. Most things live somewhere in the middle of a continuum. This is why all generalizations are lies. We like to talk about ideas as if they’re all universals. And there are surely some universal principles that can’t easily … [Read more...]

On Dissatisfaction

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People don’t change unless and until they are dissatisfied. Without dissatisfaction, there’s nothing to compel your prospective client to do something. There’s no reason for them to take action. Your job in sales is to discover dissatisfaction or create it. Find … [Read more...]