On Cutting Too Deeply

Alt text image of a barber cutting off too much hair

If you have a choice of adding value or cutting your price, find a way to add value. Adding value improves your performance and cutting your prices reduces the profit you have to create that value. If you have a choice of differentiating your offering or cutting your price, find … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Start Stacking

alt text image of stacks of index card boxes

One brick is strong. Two bricks are even stronger. Three bricks stronger still. Stacking makes something stronger. It makes it sturdier, less vulnerable. How Are Different? Don’t tell me. Let me guess. It’s your people that differentiate you, isn’t it? And since the three or … [Read more...]

Low Price, Difficult Execution. Higher Price, Easier Execution.

alt text image of the wrong puzzle piece being screwed into a puzzle

Many of your prospects believe you are supposed to be transactional. Especially when it comes to your price. Globalization has made the entire world our competitors, including places with lower labor costs and every bit as much intellectual power. The Internet has … [Read more...]