So You Want to Be a Trusted Advisor?

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This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. Are you willing to tell the truth, even when it may cost you your … [Read more...]

What A Leader Must Do

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Vision. Mission. Purpose. Then these: A leader must believe there is a way. Strategy is nothing without belief. And if you don't believe, no one else will. A leader must be a teacher. A leader teaches business, teaches values, teaches strategy, teaches empathy, teaches … [Read more...]

What the After Picture Is Missing

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When you look at the “after” picture, you can't see the actual work it took to get there. You only see the statue after all that was unnecessary has been chipped away. When you see the after picture without the “before” picture, you assume it was always as it is now. But it … [Read more...]

On Your Reinforcements

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Look at the people you spend the most time with. Do these people reinforce a healthy, positive psychology. Or do they reinforce a negative, cynical, results-destroying psychology? When you were young, your parents were concerned about who you hung around with. They wanted you to … [Read more...]

Respect for Your Prospect, Respect for Your Process

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Your dream client has expressed their wishes. They’ve told you what they want to do, and it decreases the odds of your winning. The challenge is that by allowing them to control the process you massively increase the odds of losing the opportunity. You must respect your dream … [Read more...]

How to Stop Awfulizing

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Your dream client hasn’t called you back. Up until now, the whole process has been smooth sailing. Now, nothing but darkness. You’re worried. Something’s gone wrong. They’re not calling back. They’ve decided not to move forward with you. Or worse, they’ve chosen your competitor. … [Read more...]

Who Is Writing Your Story?

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You are writing the story of your life. You are the author and protagonist. You’re the one making the decisions; you decide where the story goes next. As you write your story, you encounter outside forces, but those forces aren’t writing your story. Unless you allow them … [Read more...]

Ideas Are Worthless. Execution Is Priceless.

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Some time ago I offered a program that I created to the people who receive my newsletter. A lot of people signed up. Some sent me notes explaining why they couldn’t sign up at that time. But I found one email in particular to be most interesting. The person that wrote the email … [Read more...]

Escaping the Circumstances of Your Birth


Yesterday I heard a story about a very popular preacher who came from a tiny, poor shanty town. As this preacher’s popularity grew, he made enough money that he could afford to move out of the small, poverty-stricken place of his birth. But he didn’t leave. When he was asked why … [Read more...]

So, You Would Do Anything?

So, You Would Do Anything?

So, you say you would do anything to succeed, anything to have that level of success? But would you really do anything? Would you set your alarm clock to wake you an hour and half earlier each morning and rise without hitting the snooze button? Does your mission motivate you to … [Read more...]