On Competitive Displacements

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Your very best targets, your dream clients, are almost always the most difficult to penetrate. They have deep relationships, they’re loyal, and your competitor didn’t win their business because they couldn’t create value. The status quo is firmly entrenched; you aren’t going to … [Read more...]

Relationships and Competitive Threats

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I just received a note from a client with whom I have a great relationship. It reminded me of these stories, all true. The salesperson had a great relationship with her client. They spent a lot of time together, and they worked very closely setting up a solution that really … [Read more...]

You Are Selling for Competitive Advantage

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You aren’t just trying to compete for your dream client’s business; you’re trying to win their business. Everything you do, every sales interaction, needs to be designed to create a competitive advantage. You want a complete and total mismatch when your dream client evaluates you … [Read more...]

Win, But Not At Any Price

Win, But Not At Any Price

This article titled Salesman in the Surgical Suite is in the Health section of the March 25th New York Times. But it isn’t going to filed under Health here. Instead, it’s going to be filed under ethics. Most of the bad behaviors that salespeople were once guilty of are, … [Read more...]