On Competitive Displacements

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Your very best targets, your dream clients, are almost always the most difficult to penetrate. They have deep relationships, they’re loyal, and your competitor didn’t win their business because they couldn’t create value. The status quo is firmly entrenched; you aren’t going to … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on Pricing Power

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There are gaps worth noticing when it comes to pricing power. Two Levels Deep If your client’s clients don’t have pricing power, they will expect your client to help absorb their weakness. Your client’s client can’t capture value, so your client struggles to capture value. … [Read more...]

Four Behaviors That Make You Transactional

Four Behaviors That Make You Transactional

You don’t want to be a commodity. You don’t want to price like a commodity. And you surely don’t want to be disposable or interchangeable like a commodity. If you want to be something more strategic, then you cannot behave transactionally. Choosing the wrong medium: Email is the … [Read more...]

Stay On Message

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A few years ago, I spoke to a big sales organization. Their leadership team was brilliant. They were all on message, and the message was powerful. But it fell flat with the sales force. I wasn’t sure why it didn’t inspire them. For some reason it just didn’t resonate. It’s … [Read more...]

Mailbag: How to Badmouth Your Competitor

Mailbag: How to Badmouth Your Competitor

John writes: I am a landscape designer/landscape contractor.  I just took a call from a client about a drafting a landscape design.  They said they had also contacted one of my competitors and I really wanted to say, “Oh, they’re great at mowing lawns.  However, they aren’t … [Read more...]

You’ve Found the Bottom

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You can stop chasing the bottom now. You found it. You can't afford to cut your price anymore. You can't afford to make a less money than you're making now. You already can’t afford to deliver and execute on the promises you made. You don’t have the necessary profit. You found … [Read more...]