Own Your Social Platform

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I bought the domain name iannarino.com in 1996. I only used it for email. In 2007, when I bought www.thesalesblog.com, I let www.iannarino.com expire, believing that my last name was so unusual, and so difficult to spell, that it was essentially worthless. I had no idea what to … [Read more...]

Why Your Guest Post Fails

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I know a lot of people firmly believe that you can–and should–increase your web presence by finding other people with a presence and asking them if you can write a guest post. The idea is that, by exposing their audience to you and your ideas, you will gain new community … [Read more...]

Episode 1 – The Impact Equation with Chris Brogan

Impact Equation

This is the maiden voyage of the podcast In the Arena. It's fitting that the first episode is an interview with the one person who has been instrumental in the development of my platform, my good friend, Chris Brogan. We discuss Chris's book The Impact Equation and why … [Read more...]