How To Create Compelling Content

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At Dreamforce, a member of the audience asked:“How do you create content that cuts through the noise? How do you get attention now that there is a glut of content being created?” It’s an excellent question. How do you create compelling content? What do you do to bring attention … [Read more...]

Why I Write What I Write

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I write about caring because I believe it lies at the heart of trust and relationships. In the end, you are going to measure your life by your relationships, including your relationships at work and with your clients. I write about value creation because I believe that we have a … [Read more...]

Some Random Thoughts

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Before you make a major withdraw from a relationship, make sure you have made more than enough deposits to cover it. Then, once you’ve made that withdraw, immediately start making deposits to rebuild your balance. Re-read your Stephen Covey every two years whether you think you … [Read more...]

The Death of the Economic Buyer

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There is no longer an economic buyer. Just as the power sponsor has been replaced by power sponsors (plural), there are now economic buyers (also plural). Every stakeholder is responsible for a line on the profit and loss report, is being asked to make a greater financial … [Read more...]

Your Goals Are Your Own

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Your strengths are different from your competitors. So are your weaknesses. Even though you sell exactly the same thing, many of your processes are different. You have different capabilities and different limitations. You produce different results, sometimes markedly … [Read more...]

The Misguided Drive for Revenue Growth (A Note to the Entrepreneur)

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Top-line growth is important. If your top-line isn't growing as fast as the market you’re losing marketshare and losing opportunities. If your top-line is growing as fast (or faster) then your market your gaining market share, and that's a really good thing. Revenue growth is an … [Read more...]

On Value Subtractors

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There is no greater value subtractor than a salesperson who is unprepared to create value through the buying cycle. Being unprepared is a subtractor. An absence of chops (read business acumen and situational knowledge) is an enormous subtractor. Without the ability to really help … [Read more...]

Negotiating or Defending Your Price?

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There is a difference between negotiating and defending your price. What they have in common is that there is a potential obstacle that needs to be dealt with. Negotiating is one way to think about that obstacle. But it shouldn't be the first choice. The first choice should be to … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Close Sales Fast

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Want to close sales fast? Here is your recipe! Get there early: Creating and winning opportunities means getting there early. If you want to win, the earlier you enter the client’s buying cycle the better. Being in front of a deal brings speed. Wire the relationships: … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Getting In at Any Level

A Strategy for Getting In at Any Level

When opening relationships is more difficult than closing, why wouldn’t you have a strategy for getting in at any level? Why stick to the C-Suite? If you come in at the highest level, you’ve probably found the authority you need, the person who will sign an agreement. You know … [Read more...]