What I Would Tell My Younger Self

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My Teenage Self You know you really are an asshole sometimes. Your Mom is raising four kids by herself and you can really be a selfish, little bastard. Start helping her, damn it. Remember to thank the good people at the restaurant later on in life. They gave you a job and fed … [Read more...]

Day Two at The Conference Board’s Senior Sales Executive Conference

The focus of this year’s conference was Sales Operations as a Strategic Revenue Growth Asset. Today featured a number of presentations from practitioners, all of whom took a deeper dive into some of the themes from yesterday. Spread Too Thin One of the developing themes is that … [Read more...]

Diagnose: The Desire to Understand

The fifth attribute and sales-related skill set is the ability to diagnose. The ability to diagnose follows the ability to close only because the ability to obtain the commitment to explore a future relationship precedes the need to diagnose. After this initial commitment is … [Read more...]

100 Ways to Succeed in Sales

This is the compilation page for my 100 Ways to Succeed in Sales (which is sure to number more than 100). The following links will take you to each of the individual posts. Enjoy, and go succeed!100 Ways to Succeed In Sales: #8 Sell Within Your Own Organization 100 Ways to … [Read more...]

Comments Policy

Hat tip to Fabius Maximus for the inspiration, ideas and the content for this comment policy. Comments PolicyComments must be: Civil (it is okay to disagree, but don't be disagreeable). Legal (avoid libel and copyright infringement) Topical (if you are really looking for a link … [Read more...]

Howard Stevens and USEF cover story on SMM

Our good friend Howard Stevens and his University Sales Education Foundation are the cover story in this month's Sales & Marketing Management magazine. This link should get you there. … [Read more...]

Likelihood of Winning a Client

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Are you as good as Jenkins?

I love this old American Airlines commercial about a software salesperson.  This hits the nail right on the head . . . we are responsible for the client's outcome. When you're really good, it's hard to know who employs you.  … [Read more...]

Howard Stevens of Chally on Selling Power

This is my friend Howard Stevens from HR Chally. Howard and Chally are unmatched in their efforts to professionalize sales, focusing on increasing the programs available at the University level. In February, Chally will air a special on PBS entitled The New Selling of America … [Read more...]

Ram Charan on why he wrote a book on sales

From today's Wall St. Journal (emphasis mine): Mr. Charan: Around 2003, I began to see companies with good strategies, good technology, good costs asking, "Why are we not getting better results?" I found many companies had focused on the back end of the business: … [Read more...]