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6 Lies About Success

There are many lies about success. It’s easy to believe these lies, and doing so will distort your perception of what real success is.

  1. It’s all about the money. Success isn’t all about the money, even though that is what some people…
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Do What Is Difficult

It's easy to reduce your price and eliminate it as an obstacle to a deal. It's difficult to increase your price once you have established a lower price, even when you create greater value.

It's easy to avoid dealing with a challenging customer…

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My 2014 Balance Sheet

Another year ends, and it's time for an accounting.


  • I practiced patience, empathy, and compassion more often and more consistently.
  • I massively improved my ability (and willingness) to listen.
  • I spent more time with my family (but…
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Choose Excuses or Reasons

One of the ways that the human ego protects itself is by rationalizing, by making excuses that absolve you of responsibility for your poor performance.

You didn’t reach your sales goal? Your brain provides the excuse. It was the economy, the…

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