You Must Read!

Over on, Tom has a tiny embedded video on the top right section of his page. This video is on out-reading your competition. I had to interrupt my 28 articles so you wouldn't miss this video. The value of reading cannot be understated! If you want the greatest … [Read more...]

Sales 3.0

I love Sales 2.0, so don't get me wrong. Even though technology provides us with wonderful new tools, it is no roadmap to success by itself. The right approach, it seems to me, is Sales 3.0. Sales 3.0 is: Sales 1.0 (timeless principles and skill sets) + Sales 2.0 … [Read more...]

To Sell Now, How Much Better Do You Have To Be?

Business Week's Matthew Boyle has a post titled The Changing Nature of Sales on a new Watson Wyatt poll of Sales Executives. The money quote: While historically sales teams have largely been assessed on “pure sales” metrics like revenue and volume, many companies are now taking … [Read more...]

The Sales Success Ladder: One – Self Discipline

The foundational attribute or skill necessary to succeed in any endeavor is self-discipline, and this is doubly true of sales. Self-discipline is the ability to keep the promises one makes to one's self. It is impossible to keep one's promises to others if you can't keep the … [Read more...]

The Sales Success Ladder: Introduction

There are 20 foundational attributes and/or skills that a B2B sales person must possess in order to succeed. I think of these attributes and skills as a ladder, each one being a prerequisite to those that follow. To climb the ladder, you have to focus on each attribute or skill … [Read more...]