Everything, Anything, Nothing, or Something

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Some people want to do everything. They want to chase every opportunity, no matter how little the return on their investment of time and energy. They want to pursue every initiative. They believe that they can do it all, but because they lack focus, they never really get anything … [Read more...]

Hold On There Challenger

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You’ve got the business acumen and situational knowledge to know how to make a difference for your clients. In today’s vernacular, you have insights. Maybe you want to be what Matt and Brent call a Challenger (and no doubt, your executive vice president of sales is desperate for … [Read more...]

Getting the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent

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A long, long time ago, I attended my first real sales training. The company I worked for brought 50 salespeople together for training. At one point in the day, the focus shifted to asking for an order--a single order. But I didn’t have it in me to ask for a single order. I wanted … [Read more...]

Four Reasons Your Deal Dissolved (and what to do about it)

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Your Contact Leaves: Is there anything worse that developing an opportunity, getting it right up to the line, and then having your primary sponsor leave? Yes, there is. Your contact could be replaced by someone with different priorities or who is adamantly opposed to your … [Read more...]

On Cutting Too Deeply

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If you have a choice of adding value or cutting your price, find a way to add value. Adding value improves your performance and cutting your prices reduces the profit you have to create that value. If you have a choice of differentiating your offering or cutting your price, find … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Them Change You

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There are many good reasons to turn down business that you could win. But the most important reason to turn down business is when taking it would mean unintentionally changing your business strategy. Some sales organizations end up changing their strategy to lowest price without … [Read more...]

The Three Rules (A Sales Perspective)

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Whenever we find ourselves in a competitive sales situation, it never fails that we find ourselves competing on price. Our dream clients ask us to sharpen our pencils and, in an attempt to win, we sharpen it (sometimes down to a little tiny nub). But instead of sharpening our … [Read more...]

You Are Selling for Competitive Advantage

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You aren’t just trying to compete for your dream client’s business; you’re trying to win their business. Everything you do, every sales interaction, needs to be designed to create a competitive advantage. You want a complete and total mismatch when your dream client evaluates you … [Read more...]

Make It Easy to Buy

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I like to support local businesses. To that end, for the last 10 years I’ve used a local dry cleaner. They’re a very small shop, and they’re inexpensive. I used them because they’re local. A few months ago, this little local dry cleaner damaged a really nice shirt. The word … [Read more...]

On Friction

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The military strategist Clausewitz described the fog of war as friction. For Clausewitz, war was different in practice than on paper. You can have a strategy, a plan, and well-rehearsed tactics, but as soon as you come into contact with the enemy, there are so many variables that … [Read more...]