The 3 Levels of Sales Skills

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There is no way to succeed in sales without passing through three stages. First, you have to learn the fundamentals of selling. You have to learn to close, or gain commitments. Doing doing so also requires that you learn how to overcome objections and resolve concerns. You also … [Read more...]

Churn Is the Enemy

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In order for your company to grow the top line you have to win new accounts, sell more to your existing accounts, or raise your prices (a combination of the three is a really powerful recipe for growth). You also have to outrun your churn. You have to increase revenue faster … [Read more...]

The Real Leaderboard

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Many sales organizations have a leaderboard. They rank their salespeople by revenue, new accounts, profit, or some combination thereof. Sometimes the idea is to acknowledge the leaders, and sometimes the idea is to shame some salespeople into improving their performance. But a … [Read more...]

If You’re Not There, Neither Are Your People

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I spoke to five different sales organizations in January this year. Three of these sales organizations were engaged in a sales transformation. I want to describe the difference between one of those organizations and the two others. Leaders Engaged In the first two … [Read more...]

Make This Go Faster

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The fastest way to improve your number is to help your clients and prospects make the improvements that they need to make. The fastest way to help them do that is by developing yourself, especially your business acumen and situational knowledge, so that you know how to make a … [Read more...]

The Misguided Drive for Revenue Growth (A Note to the Entrepreneur)

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Top-line growth is important. If your top-line isn't growing as fast as the market you’re losing marketshare and losing opportunities. If your top-line is growing as fast (or faster) then your market your gaining market share, and that's a really good thing. Revenue growth is an … [Read more...]

You Are Teaching. But Are You Also Learning?

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One of the ways you create value for your clients is by having the business acumen and the situational knowledge to help them do better business. Having a teachable insight is all the rage, even though I don’t believe it’s easy to get real chops (and I don’t believe we’re doing … [Read more...]

On Failing to Acquire Opportunities

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The heart of growing your revenue is opportunity acquisition. More opportunities equals more sales (provided you win at the same rate and the average deal size is the same). But some sales organizations (and some salespeople) fail to acquire enough opportunities to grow. Failure … [Read more...]

Filling In the Gaps In Your Performance

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Is there a difference between your current performance and the performance you want? Can you recognize a gap? Producing better results means filling those gaps. If I had to guess, I’d guess that the gap between your present sales results and the results you want mostly needs to … [Read more...]

Recognition and Gratitude (A Note to the Sales Leader)

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We tend to believe that the greatest levers we have to pull when it comes to improving salesforce performance are things like compensation structures and bonuses. And compensation is surely a critical component when it comes to building a high-performing sales organization. But … [Read more...]