Translating Price Objections

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Sometimes what you hear isn’t what is said. Fortunately, I am fluent in “client,” and I can translate. You thought you heard a price objection. Your price is higher than your competitors. Translation: I don’t perceive the value and you haven’t differentiated that value. If … [Read more...]

Are You Really Negotiating?

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Countless. That’s exactly how many times I have been told by sales managers, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs that their salespeople need negotiating training And who couldn’t benefit from more training in negotiation (especially in this Disruptive Age, when prospects want to … [Read more...]

The Death of Win-Win

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A win-win agreement presupposes that it is possible for you and your client to come to agreement in which both of you are left better off than you would’ve been without a deal. In my experience there is always a path that leads to a win-win negotiation. You might believe deeply … [Read more...]

The Problem with Ultimatums

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The first problem with giving an ultimatum is that it can be accepted. You may believe that you have the power in a negotiation. You might believe that that power can be exercised by giving the other party an ultimatum. But giving an ultimatum allows for the other party’s … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on Negotiation (and Fiscal Cliffs)

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I learned a lot about negotiation at Harvard Business School. I took classes from Max Bazerman (for my money, the best in the business) and John S. Hammond (no slouch either, one single insight he gave me has paid dividends for decades). We did a lot of work on taking some of … [Read more...]