Stop Coaching Late Stage Opportunities (A Note to the Sales Manager)

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Most sales managers want to coach late stage opportunities. It’s easy to find your way from a pipeline review to coaching an opportunity without meaning to, especially when you come across opportunities that are high visibility and high value. We want to win these “must win” … [Read more...]

When To Take Your Team Off the Field (A Note to the Sales Leader)

When You Take the Team Off the Field (A Note to the Sales Leader)

When you take your team off the field make sure it is achieve the right outcomes. Too often sales organizations take their sales teams off the field to accomplish things that are better accomplished some other way. They take them off the field to cover administrative or … [Read more...]

In Sales, There Are No Rules (and you have to know them all)

It is only normal to want to learn what is effective, practice it, and gain competence. Sales has rule sets, all of which have been explored, developed, and codified over many years. We all fall into the trap of believing that Method A is the most effective method . . . except … [Read more...]

The Anti-Cold Calling Crowd Are Charlatans. Period.

Mark Hunter at The Sales Hunter inspires me with this post on Cold Calling. Mark points out that cold calling "gets bashed too much." It does, and I can tell you why. There are two reasons that cold calling takes a beating. The first reason is that most salespeople aren't very … [Read more...]

Activity does not precede sales!

For a long time sales managers have held a religious devotion to activity. They believe that activity precedes sales. They are always willing to cite the great wisdom that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and then point to the stopped clock who, despite missing his … [Read more...]

What are you waiting for?

I often hear salespeople say that they are "waiting" for some event to occur before they call their prospect. Most of the time the event that they are waiting for is the passage of time. They say things like "I am waiting to call them in August," or  … [Read more...]