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Parking Lot Priorities

Some companies reserve the spaces closest to the door for their leadership team. They start with the CEO or President and work their way down from there. With those spaces taken, customers are required to park further away from the doors.…

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Give Up

If you are going to give up, here is a list to get you started.

  • Comfort: Real change requires that you move from comfort to discomfort. You have to purposely give up what you are comfortable with and do something that doesn’t necessarily…
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alt text image of a waiter bringing a silver tray as a metaphor for luxuries and necessities

Luxuries and Necessities

When luxuries become necessities people become soft.
  • Leads that are generated by marketing are a luxury. Countless B2B businesses exist--and grow--without marketing generated leads. If marketing generated leads are a necessity, you have a…
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