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Don’t Obsess Over Politics

I once had a great mentor tell me that I invested too much of my time and my emotional energy in politics. It was during law school, and everything then was political. At least it was for me. Politics was all-consuming.

My mentor told me to stop…

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You Have Work To Do

You have work to do.

  • Why are you reliving the mistakes you made yesterday right now? Why are you still talking about the deal you lost a month ago? Living in the past keeps you from moving into the future.
  • Why are you dwelling on what…
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Don’t Clean Your Desk

That fact that your desk is a mess isn’t what is stopping you from doing the work that you need to do.

It feels great to work in a clean environment. It’s nice to have clean lines, with everything in its place. A lot of people find it much…

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All You Have Is Time

“I don’t have time.”

You’ve said those words. So have I. You think that you don’t have enough time quite often too, don’t you? But the one thing you do have is time. And you have enough time, too. You may be missing something else.

What you may…

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Saying No to Small Things

I love people. I always have. So when people ask me for help, I automatically want to say “yes.” It’s easy to end up with no margin in your life if you say “yes” to everyone and everything all of the time. I know this.

But it’s hard to say “ Continue Reading

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