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The Problem With One Donut

The problem with eating one donut is that from that point forward, you give yourself permission to eat whatever you want. The day is already lost, so what’s the point of eating right the rest of the day?

The problem with opening Facebook and…

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Concentrate On One Thing

There are so many distractions now that it’s very difficult to give anything your full, undivided attention. No matter how good your intentions, the potential distractions can be overwhelming.

You never remove your smartphone from your hand for…

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You Are Working Part-Time

A lot of people work part-time. Here is how you can tell if you are one of them.

Part of the time you are at work you are working on what is important. Part of the time you are working on what is urgent. The important work should be where you…

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How to Stay Motivated

Yesterday I sent my newsletter to 25,000 people. The subject of this newsletter was how I inherited my work ethic from my Mom. I told the story about two readers of this blog who asked me what they needed to do to stay motivated, and I wrote about…

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Make Laziness Your Enemy

Laziness will prevent you from succeeding in work and life.

It will deny you all the things you want. It will prevent you from producing the results you want for yourself, and it will prevent you from producing meaningful results for others.

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How to be a Pro

How To Be a Pro

Amateurs and professionals are different. Professionals do things that amateurs are unwilling to do.

  1. Proactive: There may be nothing that better defines you as a professional than your being proactive. Taking action before any action is…
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