Leaders Don’t Hire Weak People

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There are a lot of things that a leader can get wrong, but not many can cause as much damage as hiring poorly. New leaders, young and old, sometimes make the mistake of hiring people who they believe to be weaker than themselves. Some leaders are afraid that by hiring someone … [Read more...]

You Are Hiring For Runway

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We live in the Disruptive Age. Things are changing at a faster and faster clip. The changes are increasingly disruptive. And there is no end in sight. It’s important that you hire people who have both the attributes and the skills you need now. And it’s critical that you … [Read more...]

Hire for the Right Set of Attributes

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Recently a good friend sent me a list of outcomes he wants his new salespeople to achieve. He’s using this list as a sort of hiring guide. But to generate these outcomes, you need to look for the underlying attributes. Self Starter: The underlying attribute is self-discipline. … [Read more...]

Build Great Salespeople

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I had an interesting email exchange with two people I trust and admire very much. It was about my Sunday newsletter (you can sign up here). They were concerned about last Sunday's newsletter, in which I had written about the two most important factors when it comes to sales … [Read more...]

Dispelling Four Delusions (A Note to the Sales Leader)

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The allure of the magic bullet is a strong force. At times, it’s overwhelming, irresistible. The idea that there is an easy answer to a difficult question is a delusion. Here are four magic bullet answers that are really delusions. Believing Headcount Equals Growth: Adding more … [Read more...]

On Hiring Non-Salespeople for Sales Roles

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Having too few salespeople may be your problem. You can’t make your number without the proper headcount, and you can’t cover all the opportunities in your territory without the human capital necessary. You may want to hire fast, and you may want to hire right now. And there are a … [Read more...]

Still Know, Like, and Trust. Still Attitude.

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There is a lot of talk about what’s changed in sales. And lots of things have changed. But some things haven’t changed. Know, Like, and Trust People still buy from people that they know, like, and trust. We don’t like to talk about the squishy, soft things like knowing someone, … [Read more...]

How to Get a Job In Sales

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Do you look for a job in sales the same way that you sell? Do you make one attempt by sending your resume and never follow up? Do you assume that because the advertisement for the position has an email address that you are limited to communicating by email? Is there some reason … [Read more...]

Mailbag: How Do I Hire a Great Sales Manager

Mailbag: How Do I Hire a Great Sales Manager

Mark writes, “Can you write on the ‘How-to’s’ of hiring great sales managers, setting expectations, compensation packages, and key places to find this unicorn?" How to Hire Great Sales Managers Hiring well is an art form. If hiring is easy, you’re doing it wrong. If hiring is … [Read more...]