Why Your Dream Client Refuses Your Request for a Meeting

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Wasted Time: Your dream clients refuses to give you their time because they suspect that you will waste it. They have experience that suggests that this is true. Salespeople visit with no plan, no real idea as to what they want, and no plan to create value. So, they refuse … [Read more...]

On Hiring Non-Salespeople for Sales Roles

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Having too few salespeople may be your problem. You can’t make your number without the proper headcount, and you can’t cover all the opportunities in your territory without the human capital necessary. You may want to hire fast, and you may want to hire right now. And there are a … [Read more...]

Your Problem Is Opportunity Acquisition

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The biggest challenge in sales today is opportunity acquisition. Period. Your dream clients are busier than ever. They are doing more with fewer resources than ever. They don’t have time to waste with salespeople that are not prepared to create value. Even though your dream … [Read more...]

How to Connect with Hard to Reach Clients

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There are reasons that your hard to connect with dream clients are hard to reach. They have too much work, too little help; they’re being asked to do more with fewer resources. They are time-starved. They don’t really buy what you sell. They don’t hear anything in your message … [Read more...]

What Cold Calling Means

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There’s a lot of confusion about what a cold call is and what a cold call is not. Whenever I write about cold calling I get emails and comments from people who insist the cold calling is dead. A few days ago I even had Jeffrey Gitomer comment to that effect on this post. But I … [Read more...]

Why Do You Expect a Call Back?

Why Do You Expect a Call Back?

Is it because you believe that the fact that you made a cold call to a prospect you are entitled to a call back? Do you expect a call back because you're too lazy to call back yourself? Is it because you return every telemarketing call you receive at home or at work? Do you … [Read more...]

What Your Cryptic Voicemail Really Says

What Your Cryptic Voicemail Really Says

I just listened to a voicemail from a salesperson. She said she wanted to invite me to a conference that I would “absolutely be interested in attending.” She left only her first name, her phone number, and a cryptic message. She bet (or her company bet) that the more cryptic and … [Read more...]

10 Essentials: Closer vs. Opener

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The second in series of ten posts in a series titled: 10 Essential B2B Sales Rep Attributes (and their 10 Essential Opposites). No one will ever forget Blake's admonition to the real estate salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross: "A-B-C. A-Always. B-Be. C-Closing." Blake was the … [Read more...]

Why You Should Fear Rejection

Rejection is part of sales. Your offer isn't right for every prospect. Some of the prospects your offer is right for don't choose you even when you have done everything right. And then there's prospecting and cold calling. The fear of rejection, in it's worst form, manifests … [Read more...]

Sales 1.0 vs. Sales 2.0

Not everything about the old sales tools, techniques and processes were good and some were dreadful. But they weren't all bad. Some of the reason the old tools sound "sales-y" is because the object was to sell something. That outcome hasn't changed. Not … [Read more...]

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