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The Perils of Cold Calling

The very first cold call I ever made, the lucky recipient accused me of reading from a script before hanging up in my face. I was 19 years old. I was reading from a script, and a damn good one. It was the delivery that killed me. But I called him…

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The Prospecting Rule of Thirds

“You don’t really mean call 1,000 prospects, do you?”

Yes. I do mean call 1,000 prospects. Unless you have a list that you have built that is big enough—and well defined enough—to create more than enough opportunities, you need to make a lot…

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Are You Really Prospecting?

  • Prospecting is difficult. It isn’t easy to open the new relationships that create new opportunities. A lot of things that are supposed to be prospecting don’t do enough to open the new relationships or the opportunities. If something is…
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Killing the Cold Email

The email in my LinkedIn inbox is titled: Re: Killing the Cold Call. The opening line reads, “I hate cold calling as much as you do.”

Know this: There is no difference between a cold call and a cold email. You still don’t know the person you…

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