Better, Faster, Cheaper

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There is an old saying that as a customer you can choose no more than two of these: better, faster, cheaper. You can deliver better and faster. But delivering better and faster comes with a higher price. It costs more to produce better. It takes a different level of capabilities … [Read more...]

Making the Decisions Your Clients Make

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This post on relationships before value brought some interesting and thoughtful email responses. I didn’t make my case that value is part of the relationship and not a substitute for the relationship well enough. I’ll have to go back do better. In the meantime, let’s take a look … [Read more...]

Be the Value

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Value is in the eye of the beholder. There are lots of different ways to think about value. But you can be the biggest part of the value proposition. Your Business Acumen You create value by understanding fundamental business principles. You understand how what you do is … [Read more...]

Mailbag: How to Badmouth Your Competitor

Mailbag: How to Badmouth Your Competitor

John writes: I am a landscape designer/landscape contractor.  I just took a call from a client about a drafting a landscape design.  They said they had also contacted one of my competitors and I really wanted to say, “Oh, they’re great at mowing lawns.  However, they aren’t … [Read more...]

Low Price, Difficult Execution. Higher Price, Easier Execution.

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Many of your prospects believe you are supposed to be transactional. Especially when it comes to your price. Globalization has made the entire world our competitors, including places with lower labor costs and every bit as much intellectual power. The Internet has … [Read more...]

Don’t Try to Make Selling Easy

Don’t Try to Make Selling Easy

If your business model isn’t lowest price, and it almost certainly isn’t, then you can’t afford to sell price. As much as you believe it would make it easier to sell, it would do nothing to help your produce better sales results. Here are a few reasons why. Execution Is … [Read more...]