You Don’t Need Another New Idea

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You don’t need to rush out and read every new book with every hot, new idea. Bouncing from one idea to the next, never fully integrating what you’ve already read isn’t going to help you produce better results. You don’t need to attend another seminar searching for one new … [Read more...]

An Easy Answer for Choosing a Sales Process or Methodology

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Anonymous wrote to me to ask me which sales process or methodology I use. She’s asking this question because she wants to know what she should adopt and her sales practice. I don’t know anything about Anonymous or her business, so it would be criminal for me to make a … [Read more...]

TSB Book Club: Trust-based Selling—Chapters One through Seven


I spent my weekend at the SOBCon conference in Chicago, so I am woefully behind on my reading of the first book from The Sales Blog Book Club, Trust-based Selling by Charles Green. I couldn’t be happier with the choice of book. For a long time, I have kept a list of required … [Read more...]

Why You Must Read II

Seven days ago I came across a video on Tom Peters website. The video was called Out Read Your Competition, and I interrupted my 28 Articles series to put a quick post up before it was taken down. The following are three reasons you must read, and five ideas about … [Read more...]

Interview with Alan Deutschman on Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Today the Wall Street Journal reviewed Alan Deutschman's new book, Walk the Walk: The #1 Rule for Real Leaders. We here at The Sales Blog made out a little better and interviewed him about applying the lessons to sales and sales management. Anthony Iannarino: Thanks for taking … [Read more...]

Five Books Every B2B Sales Rep Must Read

SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham. This is my first choice for every B2B Sales Rep's nightstand. First of all, much is made of closing sales. But as sales grow larger and more complex, closing strategies are not effective in and of themselves. Rackham lays out a model for … [Read more...]

Leverage LinkedIn with help from Lewis Howes and LinkedWorking

My good friend Lewis Howes just published the book on using LinkedIn to generate business. The book is called LinkedWorking. Lewis is the consultant I used when setting up my profile. He knows every trick in the book to increase the size and quality of your network, to increase … [Read more...]

Outsmart! How to Do What Your Competitors Can’t by Jim Champy

The money quote here sold me on the book, Outsmart: Darwin has a lot to teach. As he might put it, business breed beyond available customers; companies with successful strategies have a better chance of survival; and successful enterprises force out weaker ones, creating whole … [Read more...]

Review: Topgrading for Sales

I have long been a fan and proponent of Brad Smart's Topgrading approach to hiring. Whether or not you achieve the 90% A-Players of which some adherents boast, it is a thoughtful and effective approach and it helps eliminate haphazard hiring practices. Brad Smart has joined with … [Read more...]