Difficult Conversations Are Growth Opportunities

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No one wants to have difficult conversations. It is hard to deal with situations when emotions are high and people are upset. But these conversations are crucial to your success, and difficult conversations offer you an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. From … [Read more...]

Show Your Work

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When you were a kid in school, your math teacher made you show your work. In my case, the Nuns at St. James the Less insisted that any answer without the accompanying steps to arrive at that answer was wrong. It wasn’t enough to know the right answer. You had to prove you knew … [Read more...]

The Triumphant Return of Activity Management

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Outcomes are better than activity. If you can only measure one, make it outcomes. A lot of activity produces nothing in the way of results. But look for activity management to make a comeback, and know that the people who need to have their activity measured and managed are … [Read more...]

Stop Putting Process Over People

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I had an interaction with a large, very well known company this week. During this interaction, it was very clear that the person I was working with had no idea what they were doing, even before I asked for something that was a little challenging for her to deliver. She put me on … [Read more...]

On the Perils of Avoiding Accountability

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Excuses Are Disempowering The main reason we make excuses for poor performance is to absolve ourselves of responsibility. Making excuses doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility. It only demonstrates that you are struggling to own the outcome. But excuses do even more harm. … [Read more...]

Three Deadly Sins

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 These three sins are deadly. They completely destroy your ability to succeed in sales. The Sin That Is a Lack of Self Discipline There is nothing that will damage your results more than a lack of self-discipline. You can read this as “laziness” if you like. Selling requires … [Read more...]

10 Questions To Start Your Week

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Here are ten questions to start your sales week with a rock solid plan. What live opportunities in your pipeline can you move forward this week? What actions will you need to take to move those opportunities forward? What commitments will you dream client need to make and … [Read more...]

How Leaders Can Ensure Their Software Investments Produce Returns

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This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. I've been compensated to contribute to this program, but the opinions expressed in … [Read more...]

You Are The Conductor, Not First Chair

You Are The Conductor, Not First Chair

As a salesperson, you own the outcomes you sell. You are accountable for the results that you promise. But being accountable for the outcomes doesn't make you accountable for the transactions that make up those outcomes. It makes you accountable for orchestrating the team that … [Read more...]