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Saying No to Small Things

I love people. I always have. So when people ask me for help, I automatically want to say “yes.” It’s easy to end up with no margin in your life if you say “yes” to everyone and everything all of the time. I know this.

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Were You Productive Today?

  1. Did you make progress on your most important project? Productivity isn’t how many things you scratch off your to-do list. You can have days where you complete all kinds of tasks, none of which have anything to do with what was really…
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Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.

Stay Humble

It doesn’t matter how well you are doing, or how much you are winning; you need to stay humble. Confidence is critical, but overconfidence is a killer.

If you are number 1, know that there is someone, somewhere, who will somehow find…

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Don’t Take These Clients

There are some clients whose business you should not take.

Unappreciative: Don’t take clients who don’t appreciate the value you create. You will never have a great, partner-oriented relationship with people who don’t appreciate who you…

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