The Hustler’s Playbook: A 10 Step Guide to Hustling

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Decide what you want for yourself. What makes you happy? Hustlers have big reasons “why” that drive their actions. Non-hustlers drift. Develop your ability to create value for others. Your ability to have the life you want will be directly proportionally to your ability to … [Read more...]

What To Do With a Single Hour

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In a single hour you can: Exercise, meditate, and ensure you are in the right physical and mental state to be productive. Write 500 words. That might be a blog post, a letter to your dream clients, or the start of something big. Make 2 calls to the most important people … [Read more...]

The Case Against Content Marketing and Inbound Alone

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There are more people who will not happen upon your content marketing efforts than people who will. You may get a fair amount of traffic. Some of that traffic may even come from your dream clients. Check your content and optimize it for search engines. use the cleverest of … [Read more...]

5 Things That Are Never Finished

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Prospecting: No matter how good your sales, no matter how solid your business, you can never stop prospecting. You can and will lose clients, much of the time through no fault of your own. But you’ll only be able to effectively grow if you are always prospecting. Relationships: … [Read more...]

Choose Excuses or Reasons

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One of the ways that the human ego protects itself is by rationalizing, by making excuses that absolve you of responsibility for your poor performance. You didn’t reach your sales goal? Your brain provides the excuse. It was the economy, the government, your territory, or your … [Read more...]

Bottom Fishers Find Bottom Feeders

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A bottom fisher is someone who fishes for bottom feeders. A bottom feeder is the lowest end of the low-end of the food chain, a scavenger, one who eats what others higher on the food chain will not. Bottom fishers have a way of finding bottom feeders. The bottom fisher entices … [Read more...]

Resolution or Transformation

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So, you’ve changed have you? This year you kept your promises, and the changes you’ve made are visible, huh? Would the person closest to you in your life recognize the personal changes that you’ve made this year? Would they call those changes a “transformation?” Or would they … [Read more...]

How to Play the Long Game

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“You’re an animal like the other animals or you’re something different, something higher, and known to be different and higher. Someone has to be the good guy.” Peggy Noonan, A Flawed Report’s Important Lesson, WSJ, December 12, 2014 Some of your competitors will lie to win a … [Read more...]

11 Observations on How Groups Decide to Change

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People have a tough time deciding to change. Until they don’t. When their dissatisfaction reaches threshold, they make the decision to change very quickly. It is difficult for groups to make decisions. The more dysfunctional the group, the more difficult it is to gain … [Read more...]

9 Things You Need to Know About Closing

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The words you use to ask for your dream client’s business are less important than all of the things you do leading up to that point. There are a lot of smaller “asks” that you need to make on your way to the final “ask.” You can’t move the final “ask” forward by skipping the … [Read more...]