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How to be a Pro

How To Be a Pro

Amateurs and professionals are different. Professionals do things that amateurs are unwilling to do.

  1. Proactive: There may be nothing that better defines you as a professional than your being proactive. Taking action before any action is…
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How to Use Your Power

  • To defend the defenseless and protect the innocent from harm.
  • To exercise compassion where compassion is needed.
  • To remove the conditions of fear.
  • To make a difference in the lives of others, especially those who suffer.
  • To help others…
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Eggermans and Powerballs

All prospects aren’t created equal.


One company I work with won an account called Eggerman. Over the course of a full year, they billed Eggerman $187. That’s all the money that Eggerman had to spend in their space, and they…

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