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What Are You Known For?

My friend Chris Brogan is known for helping entrepreneurial, owner-types find ways to build sustainable business models. He’s also known for integrating health and business.

Dave Brock is known for helping sales organizations improve their processes, including their sales management processes.

Mike Kunkle is an expert at sales transformations. He knows how to look at data and figure out what changes to make and how to make them stick.

Charlie Green is the world’s foremost authority on trust. He helps leaders and helps sales organizations get trust right.

My friend Gerhard knows sales and he knows publishing. He also knows how to leap to new platforms when an older platform dies.

I just shared the stage with Mark Hunter when we spoke to Toro for their Centennial celebration. Mark is known for teaching sales organizations how to sell at profitable margins, and he also knows how to speak to large groups. I learned a lot from watching him.

Mike Weinberg is known for his work around prospecting and telling your sales story. He helps salespeople build pipelines and immediately produce better results.

Bob Burg is known for his book The Go-Giver. He is known for his work helping people get value creating and value capturing in the right order. His formula for success is a proven recipe.

Jeb Blount is known for his work at Sales Gravy, helping sales organizations find the talent they need and helping the talent find good companies for whom they can work. He’s also known for his work as an author and sales consultant and trainer.

I just received an email from a friend who needs a lawyer. I immediately sent him to the people he needs. I’ve used them, and they are recognized as the leader in the area where my friend needs help.

What are your known for? When your dream client has a problem or an opportunity they need help with, is your name the first that comes to mind?

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  • Mike Kunkle

    Anthony, you forgot to mention that I’m a curmudgeon who likes to poke at things, but I’m sort of grateful for that. ;-) Seriously, thanks for including me. Always good to be known for something.

    Separately, you have a knack for the short, clear explanation. Kudos on that, it’s a talent. Mark Hunter saw one of my LinkedIn posts recently and said something (in jest) like, “Dude, do you ever write anything brief?” My reply was, “Brief? What is this thing, brief, of which you speak?”

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      @thesaleshunter just doesn’t know that you’re blog posts are your version of brief!

    • Jackie Audrey

      lol…. I’m a long talker tooo…I neeeeeed to get my point across in a drastic way!!!!!