How to Not Be the Before Picture

Imagine that you could take a picture of your competitor’s present performance for one of their clients (one of your dream clients). We’ll call this the “before” picture. Then imagine you could take a picture of your performance at one of your best clients that you could use as the “after” picture to show your competitor’s client the results you could produce for them.

If you like this idea it’s because you recognize that the gap that picture creates might be enough to compel them to entertain changing. It builds dissatisfaction.

But what if we reverse this scenario? What if your competitor could take a picture of your mediocre performance at one of your key accounts as the “before” picture and use their best performance for one of their clients as the “after” picture.

Your performance right now, as good as it may be, is the “before” picture. Your competitors are working their tails off trying to create a compelling “after” picture. Either you take the initiative to create the “after” picture and help your client create that outcome or someone else will.

Complacency is the disease. Initiative is the cure.

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