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Some Random Thoughts

Before you make a major withdraw from a relationship, make sure you have made more than enough deposits to cover it. Then, once you’ve made that withdraw, immediately start making deposits to rebuild your balance. Re-read your Stephen Covey every two years whether you think you need to or not.

From time to time you will run headlong into bullies. If you don’t firmly stand your ground when bullied, a bully will perceive your failure to defend yourself as weakness and bully you even more. You must defend yourself, and you can do so while being firm and professional. However, there will be occasions when you have to punch a bully in the nose to get his attention.

The difference between the results you are getting now and the results you want is made up of the beliefs you are willing to abandon and the beliefs with which you replace them. Without changing your beliefs, you won’t change your actions. Without changing your actions, you are going to stay firmly planted right where you are. Knowing something and not acting on it produces the same result as not knowing . . . except ignorance is a better excuse than unwillingness.

If social selling by itself is enough to fill your pipeline, why are the people who espouse social selling as the only prospecting method working so hard to convince you? And why are so many salespeople still winning multi-million dollar deals with opportunities they opened on the phone? And why should any prospecting method be used to the exclusion of all others? [Look, I love social. It works. But so does everything else. Don’t be a sucker (or a wimp).]

Video is the new telephone. Video is the new slide deck. Video is the new business card. You may not be interested in video, but video is interested in you.


In what relationships do you need to make deposits?

Are you standing up for yourself?

What beliefs are holding you back? What beliefs do you need shed?

Are you using every prospecting method available to you?

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  • Bertrand

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the input about the belief. Never saw I the link between the beliefs and the gap with the end results like that. This knowledge is clearly a value creation for me. From your experience, were you able to change a lot of beliefs without thinking about your core values ? How do you deal with your beliefs ?

    And, the last question :-), do you agree on the fact that video can replace the sellors ? And automatise the sales of a company ? Do you have already any experience with this ?