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Sometimes and Always


“Sometimes” isn’t a good strategy.

“Sometimes” doesn’t produce anything consistently except inconsistency.

“Sometimes” can’t be trusted or counted on.

“Sometimes” is sporadic.

“Sometimes” occasionally gets lucky, but its success is fleeting.


“Always” is everything that “sometimes” is not.

“Always” is the picture of consistency. It may roll slowly, but it rolls over everything in its path over time.

“Always” can be trusted and counted on. You know that no matter what may happen “always” is going to be there.

“Always” doesn’t need luck. “Always” can sustain its success over the long run because that’s what is built for.

“Always” doesn’t do as much as “sometimes,” but what it does it does a lot better.

“Sometimes” is the sexy, more interesting choice. “Always” is the choice of the true craftsman.

You have to choose between “sometimes” and “always.”


What do you do “sometimes?”

What do you do “always?”

Which of your “sometimes” should really be “always?”

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