• http://www.WaldschmidtPartners.com/ Dan Waldschmidt

    WOW! Gotta hand it to the “low bidder” for being so creative. Let’s hope they have as creative thinking when it comes to showcasing that logo on their new marketing material…


    • http://www.www.thesalesblog.com S. Anthony Iannarino


  • Dennis H

    Unless the company agreed to be a reference/case study, I don’t think it would have been worth it. Most high profile/F100 type organizations I have worked with are usually very high maintenance, and the efforts and resources required to service them go way beyond the number on the proposal.
    A company logo on a powerpoint slide/marketing slick never closed a deal for me.

  • Robert Gołębiewski

    Well, we do not know how long the deal was to last. So they bid lowest. Let us say deal lasts a year. For the year time they use this logo and they do not give a damn about quality of this 800.000 deal.

    On the other hand the higher bidder would be also using the same logo.

    The story seems to be fine. Regardless the big numbers, there is always some kind of feasibility study for performing this or that kind of service.

    In my opinio the company agreeing to keep the lower bidder as partner was making big mistake. Because if they were after the logo not afther the job – there would be never a guarantee they would say goodbye when getting adequate deals from using logo – meaning that would no longer be necessary.

    • http://www.www.thesalesblog.com S. Anthony Iannarino

      I think the client made a bad decision choosing the low bidder, too! But only because without the profit necessary to generate the results they need it’s unlikely they get those results.

  • Rizan Flenner

    It would be interesting to understand the industry segment the deal was placed. A million dollar of net loss will probably not be feasible for most of the producing industry. While in the SW industry it could be a sign of a market player trying to steal marketshare from established players in a commodityzing market space.

    Never the less the buyers risks the quality of the project or goods. I have seen many companies been taken out or doing a chapter 11 on activities like this.

    as Caelan MacTavish HuntressI am curious on the outcome of the project. My bet is the haven succeeded!