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The Critical Nature of the Salesperson’s Mindset

There is no factor more important than the individual salesperson’s mindset when it comes to winning new business. What you believe drives your actions and your actions drive your results.

Value Creation:

Your mindset begins with value creation.

Is your mindset to create as much value for your client during each and every sales interaction? Are you motivated to provide your dream client with what they need from you in order for them to find the time they spend with you valuable?

Are you focused on creating the biggest, most value creating opportunity possible?

If you are sitting in front of your client to get an order, you aren’t creating value. If you treat a sales call like a transaction, you are transactional.

Customer Focused:

The more you are focused on your customer, the more powerful and effective is your mindset.

Does your dream client have your full and undivided attention? Are you really listening, or are you doing the kind of listening where you are waiting to interject with something about why your dream clients should buy from you?

Is the opportunity you are focused on creating or winning the right opportunity for your dream client?

If you aren’t really paying attention, you aren’t customer focused. If the opportunity you are pursuing benefits you more than it does your dream client, you aren’t customer focused.

If you get value creation and customer focus right you have a foundation on which to build trust.


Do you believe that you can accomplish the outcomes you need to during each sales interaction? Do you believe that, if chosen, you can create breath-taking, jaw-dropping, earth-shattering results for your dream client?

Do you know where you are in your sales process and where your client is in the buying cycle? Does your dream client believe that you know where you are and where you are taking them?

A lack of confidence generates fear in your dream client. Fear that they won’t get the result that they need. Fear that they will be embarrassed. Fear that it will be making a mistake by choosing you.

The ability to create value breeds confidence. The inability brings fear.

Your mindset matters. It matters to your clients. And it matters to your results.

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  • Carol Casey

    Good post. Just like we are reading client body language, they also read ours.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      But they are making a different set of judgments, aren’t they? Thanks, Carol!

  • Michael Harris

    The power of selling yourself
    first is backed-up by research done by Wharton’s youngest tenured
    professor. Adam Grant reveals in his recent book Give & Take that
    after call center employees were read customer testimonials they spent
    142% more time on the phone, and brought in 171% more revenue- even
    though they were using the same script. [iv]
    So every morning for 10-minutes before making calls, consider reviewing stories about how customer’s benefited from your product and

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Thats on the stack, Michael, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Interesting story! I believe it, too!