So, You Would Do Anything?

So, You Would Do Anything?

So, you say you would do anything to succeed, anything to have that level of success? But would you really do anything?

Would you set your alarm clock to wake you an hour and half earlier each morning and rise without hitting the snooze button? Does your mission motivate you to start?

Would you turn off the television and the radio? Maybe you would. But would you close the browser for 4-hour blocks at a time? Would you set down the smart phone? Would you disconnect?

Would you use that time to work on the biggest projects in your life, the ones that will bring you the results you say want?

Would you set down the self-limiting beliefs that you’ve carried around like so much old, beat up luggage? Would you drop the scarcity mindset that makes you fearful? Would you stop believing that you are in any way a victim and instead take 100% responsibility for your life and your results? Would you kill the inner critic?

You say you would do anything, but would you really do the work? Would you grind away morning, noon, and night? Would you trade your favorite past time for the grind? Would you give yourself over to the work?

Would you keep at it when any progress you made was imperceptible to the human eye—even yours? Would you keep at even when you’re failing? Would you continue on when your friends and family tell your crazy for doing so?

Would you make the calls? Would you make the ask? Would you push publish?

Would you pay the price?

Everything has its price. It’s likely you know what that price is. The people who get what they want, those who succeed, would do anything.

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  • pete willis

    This is very helpful, I think i will use some of this with my online business ONLINE CASH INCOME dot com.

    Kind regards

    Pete Willis

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  • Stephen Lahey

    Well said, as always. However, I would add one more element to this. To avoid major regrets later, it’s important to view your goals — and the sacrifices required achieve them — in the larger context of your life and the relationships that are important to you. I’ve seen way too many otherwise intelligent people sacrifice the quality of their family life on the altar of their almighty goals. Big mistake, IMHO.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      You’re right, Stephen. So the question is, “What would you do to have success at home?” Some of the answers might be pretty similar, I think.