You Can’t Win If You’ve Already Lost in Your Mind

You Can’t Win If You’ve Already Lost in Your Mind

You can’t win if you have already lost in your mind. Nothing has a greater impact on your results than what you believe. Your results are a reflection of your beliefs.

Holding the belief that your competitors are stronger than you will cause you to lose to those competitors. But not because your competitors are stronger than you are. You’ll lose because you don’t believe that you can win, that you deserve to win. And your dream clients will be right to choose your competitors. This contest was lost before it started.

Holding the belief that your clients want the lowest price will ensure that your clients buy from a competitor with a lower price. Not because your prospective clients really want the lowest price (they don’t). You’ll lose because you don’t believe that you are worth paying more to obtain. And all things being equal, your clients will be right to choose the lowest price. You didn’t believe enough to make things unequal.

Believing that your company is wrong, that “they” are to blame for the difficulty you have selling, that they aren’t trying to produce good results for their clients, or that their motives are suspect, is the fast track to failure. If you don’t believe in your company, I promise you can’t sell it. First, you won’t create many opportunities because you’ll pull your punches. Second, your beliefs will betray you. You will lose opportunities because you don’t believe your company deserves them. That loss happens in your head long before your prospective client informs you that they’ve chosen your competitor.

Your company has big, strong competitors? Believe you can slay giants.

Your competitors sell price? Believe your clients want to pay more for more value—and then create and deliver that value.

Your company has problems? Yeah? Like every other company. Believe—and help make a difference by helping make improvements (or else you are part of the problem).

You are what you believe. And your results a reflection of what you believe. If you believe you have already lost, you lose before there is ever a contest. Believe otherwise.


Do you have any beliefs that don’t really serve you? Do you have beliefs that cause doubt?

What do you believe that causes you to first lose in your mind? Well, not you, but someone you know well.

Why do your beliefs cause you to lose opportunities?

How do your beliefs cause you to lose opportunities?



  • Cathy J

    This is a great message that should apply across the borders of our lives. In other words, in every area we dwell in. Family, friends, relationships, employment, church, everywhere. The battle to believe is in our minds.
    That’s where we win or lose! Make adjustments in your mind, and rethink some of the negativity that has dwelt there a long time. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND AND BELIEFS! …..but first you’ll have to give yourself permission.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      I am so big on permission. No one is going to give it you. You have to give it to yourself (even though you already have it).

      • 08Cathy08

        Yes, and it can start with one! The whole team (family, circle of influence, church, job site) can be effected and influenced by a single person standing solid on a concept. If it’s creating integrity and value to your company, your team will see it manifest in TIME.
        Stay strong, stay steady! There’s power in one!