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Wiping the Slate Clean

It’s a funny thing the way our little corner of the universe is organized. Each day the earth makes one complete revolution on its journey around the sun—and us with it. Each morning when we wake up, the prior day is forever lost to us. It’s almost as if by design we were given the ability to call for a do over. Like somehow, it’s necessary.

Every year at just this time, we complete another trip around the giant star in the center of our solar system. The year that we are leaving is also forever lost to us as we enter the New Year. This annual journey is another opportunity to call for a do over.

The past is forever lost to us. The future is unknown. All we ever really have is this moment.

But we do step into that moment with all the knowledge and the experience we gained yesterday. We step into the new sunrise a little bit wiser and a little bit better prepared than we were the day before. We greet the new horizon armed with all the knowledge we gained from our victories, the lessons and scars from the battles we lost, and on the whole, better prepared.

We’re better prepared to try again.

We’re better prepared to try something new.

We’re better prepared for the adventure that is tomorrow.

And we’re better prepared to wipe the slate clean and start over.

You can’t carry your victories with you; those battles have already been fought and won. You can’t carry your losses with you either. You can’t refight those battles. All you can carry with you into the future is the wisdom that you gained from the ride you took on this small rock circling around the giant star in the center of our little corner of the universe—and all of the relationships you’ve developed on your journey.

If you need to wipe the slate clean, wipe it clean. Tomorrow is a brand-new day.

And the day after that is a brand-new day too, should you need it.

Make it a Happy New Year!

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  • Amanda Littlejohn

    Yes! Beautifully written.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Why, thank you, Amanda! Happy New Year!

  • Lyle Guidolin

    Very good !! A nice twist on what has been graciously given to each of us. No, beating us down and NO resolutions, Thank You !!!
    Lyle B Guidolin
    Business Development Manager
    Lionhart Capital Red Deer, Alberta Canada

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      No beating you down? Well, of course not! Maybe a challenge to do even better! Thanks, Lyle!


  • Carol Lynn Rivera

    Interesting… I like the equal treatment of success and failure. A lot of new year “inspirational” posts take an overly optimistic view but you have a really refreshing and comforting perspective. Whatever you won, whatever you lost, it’s done… next! What a great way to keep moving ahead in life.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Both success and failure offer lessons and give you clues as to what’s working–and what’s not. Learn them and move on!

  • K. Suresh Rao

    Hi Anthony,

    I very much liked your New Post: “Just Start Again” of 30 January 2013 (Today’s). What did i like?

    1.That good “INTENTIONS” aren’t enough.
    2.That you have to “WILL YOURSELF” to do the work that you need to do.
    3.You have stated: Quote Really smart people, like Tony Schwartz, recommend you work only for 90 minutes and then take a break so to refresh the psychic energy it takes to focus on the work you really need to do. Unquote Thank you very much for pointing this out, without our having to do a research into Tony’s Blogs.
    4.”TODAY IS A CLEAN SLATE” which landed me on this wonderful blog.

    I like all your ideas & from now on I will NOT miss a single Blog of yours.You can say I have become your “Fan”. I have one small query, which i would have loved to ask you privately. Since your emails come with , I have to ask you here.

    In your blog “Wiping the Slate Clean”,dated 31 December 2012,the 5th line from the bottom reads as under:

    You can’t carry your victories with you; those battles have already been fought and won. You can carry your losses with you either.
    There are 2 sentences above.I presume, in the second sentence you are trying to convey that “You CANNOT carry your losses with you either”, while, it states just the opposite.

    Grateful for your clarification either here or by email:

    Warm regards,


    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Thanks, Suresh!