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The Value Creator’s Code

I am a value creator.

I make a difference for my clients, and I make a difference for my business.

I am worth hiring because I know how to create value now, and I am indefatigable in my effort to develop my ability to create even more value in the future.

I am a force for positive change and positive results in every endeavor in which I invest my time and energy.

I am determined to produce results. I persevere where others crack and abandon their efforts.

I take initiative and bring my clients valuable, breakthrough-generating ideas. When I don’t have those ideas, I’m resourceful enough to go and find them.

I care deeply about my clients. This is part of the value that I create.

I own the outcomes that I sell. I make sure that I execute and that my clients achieve the better results they needed when they chose to buy me.


What do you believe belongs on your value creator’s code?

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  • figmentations

    If I only knew how to create that kind of value, I’d gladly ask permission to use your credo verbatim.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Scratch that. Reverse it. Repeat the credo to yourself, and go ahead and create that kind of value.

  • Neil Ferree

    i found your creator’s code via your g+ post re: brogan’s book ♦ IC you’re from CMH ♦ I grew up in Columbus won a couple of City Football Championship titles and still bummed the Buckeyes went 12-0 and no BSC action in 2012

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      I called the 12 and no season as soon as the NCAA dished out the penalties. Only Ohio State could get a Urban Meyer as their coach with a great team the year there and eligible for a bowl game. That said, I think he is going to lead them to national titles.