Opportunity Lifespans Are Measured in Dog Years

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I know that you love your opportunity. You’ve had this opportunity for a long, long time. You were thrilled when you got it, and you rushed back to the office to enter it into your pipeline. You spent a lot of time with your then new opportunity, and you helped it to grow and … [Read more...]

Return On Time Invested

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Your clients expect you to help them understand the return they will receive on the money invested in your product, service, or solutions. If you can’t help them understand their return on investment, they aren’t likely to invest their money. They just won’t take action. There … [Read more...]

Sell Better Now by Focusing on the Fundamentals


If you aren’t producing the sales results that you need, don’t look for magic bullets. The answer that you are searching for is found in the fundamentals. The fundamentals provide you the simplest, shortest, and straightest path to better results. But that path is not … [Read more...]

There Is No Substitute for Caring

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Your dream client can tell whether or not you really care about them or whether you are just trying to make a sale. They can hear whether or not you care in the words you use. They can see it in the actions that you take—or fail to take. In world driven by commoditization, … [Read more...]

The End of Relationship Selling

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I am not going to sugarcoat this, and I am not going to be polite. All of this talk about the end of relationship selling is pure, unadulterated hogwash. While those that declare relationship selling to be dead shout louder, ignore their words. They couldn't be more wrong. You … [Read more...]

A Recipe for Success

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Do the work that needs to be done. Have a great attitude. Play hard. Stick to it, even when it gets tough. Don’t wait. Take action now. Be creative and find a way. Care about other people. Be kind. Listen to other people. Bring your passionate best self to … [Read more...]

How to Massively Reduce the Number of Slides in Your Deck


When your dream client signed on for a presentation, they weren’t expecting that their commitment would include all 4,201 slides in your deck. They were hoping that you would address their needs, share your ideas, and engage them in a dialogue. If you have to present everything … [Read more...]

Sales Growth: An Interview with McKinsey’s Jon Vander Ark

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Listen to interview here. Last Friday I interviewed Jon Vander Ark from McKinsey about their new book, Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders. Sales Growth is really aimed at sales leaders well above the first line sales manager. But I asked Jon to … [Read more...]

But My Business Is Different Redux

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Your business is different than other businesses. And your business is different than your competitor’s. You have different models. You have different value propositions. You do things differently. But your business isn't so different that the iron laws of sales don't apply to … [Read more...]

Avoid Shiny New Object Syndrome

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Selling well now is more difficult than ever. And we in sales aren’t taking the right actions to match this new reality. Instead of doing the work that will lead to improvement, we bounce from one shiny new object to the next shiny object, always believing the next will be “the … [Read more...]