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Do the Lonely Work

If you want results, you have to do the lonely work.

Boxers get up early in the morning to run. Writers get up early to write. Farmers get up early to take care of their chores. They do their work alone. They do the lonely work.

The lonely work is the work that only you can do. It’s the work that you do alone, and the results are yours alone. The lonely work produces some of the most important results that you will ever create.

The lonely work for you might be getting up in the morning to make time to read and to build your business acumen. Or it might be rising before the sun—and before anybody else—to think and to write. The lonely work might be sitting alone with a legal pad preparing your work for the day. Maybe, like the boxer, the lonely work is the exercise you do to improve your capacity to produce the results that you need to produce.

To get the results that you really want you have to pay the price in advance. That means that you have to do the lonely work.


What is the work that you need to do alone?

What is the work that only you can do to produce the results that you need?

What price do you have to pay in advance to get what you really want?

What work improves your capacity to produce results and sharpens your saw?

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  • dougricesmbiz

    Lately, it’s been 3:30am. 3:30am is a very lonely time. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not alone in having lonely time :-)

  • Kneale Mann

    No one gets it done in a tidy M-F 9-5 world with two 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch break. No one reaches their goal by sitting patiently with their hand hovered over the self-ringing phone. No one realizes success without the lonely work, the hard work, the work when you don’t think it’s going anywhere work, the keep at it work. 

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      What is this 9 to 5 schedule of which you speak? What are these “15-minute breaks” and this “hour lunch break?”


  • Fred Starr

    I agree with your comments.  OTOH, perhaps a major reason why I lost a (non-sales) job was because I did the lonely work but neglected to tell my boss and client why I had to spend so much time doing administrative work, rather than managerial work.

  • AmyMccTobin

    I really appreciate this post; sometimes the “Lonely Work” is the “Boring Work” for Salespeople because most of us get our energy from interacting with others, but it is certainly the necessary work. It makes the difference between good and Fantastic.