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Are You Investing Enough in Yourself?

I can’t imagine that anyone reading this blog doesn’t have an investment account with some brokerage firm. We know we have to make investments in our future, and we make regular contributions to our chosen investment vehicles. We take the asset that is money, and we invest it so that it will grow. In doing so, we make choices about how and where to invest our money, and we check in regularly to see how are investments are doing. We make adjustments when those investments aren’t moving us closer to our goals.

It’s easy to do all of this while ignoring the primary asset with which you have to generate all other assets: yourself. The asset that is you only produces greater results when you contribute more to it.

You are so busy working, so busy going and doing, it’s easy to fail to take the time to invest in yourself.

Your Relationships

When it is all said and done, you will not judge the quality of your life by your financial statements. You will judge the quality of your life by the quality of your relationships. What is important in life are your experiences, the part of your life that you shared with others, and the parts of their lives they shared with you.

If you take a few minutes and reflect on the most meaningful events or experiences in your life to date, you will discover that all of your best memories include other people. If the memories aren’t when people were they for you, they will be the memories where you were there for them.

Make a list of the people that matter most to you. Make a plan to invest time in those relationships, to generate other meaningful experiences. The investment you make in relationships is perhaps the greatest invest you will ever make.

Your Health

It would be hard for anyone to be guiltier than I am of neglecting their own health to instead work. To wind down after a long day of work, I like to do even more work. But this isn’t sustainable and it is a form of neglect.

You are your only real asset. You have to maintain the asset through which all other results are produced and generated.

Investing in your health requires that you take time away from producing results to work on the asset that does all of that producing. We all make different investment choices that meet our needs. For me it’s the bicycle. For you it might be running, weights, or meditation. Whatever it is, know that these investments are critical and transformative. The greater your energy and your capacity to produce, the greater your results.

Make a plan to invest in your health. Do you need to commit to that exercise plan you have avoided? A better way of eating? Meditation or yoga classes?

Your Mind

It’s easy to overlook investing in one of your most vital assets: your brain.

We all spend so much time working and taking care of the business of life, that after a long day, you want to unwind. We also expect other people, especially our employers, to develop and sharpen our skills for us. We expect them to give us the training, coaching, and development that we need in order for the asset that is our brain to better produce results.

Like your relationships and your health, the development of your brain is your responsibility alone.

You might need to read more books or listen to audio books. Maybe you need to go to your community college and sign up for courses. Maybe you need to attend a conference. Or you might need to spend time writing your own development plan that includes some or all of the above.

Whatever you decide to do, make the investment in your brain and your mind. It is a critical part of the asset that is you.

Are you investing enough in yourself?


What investments are you making in the relationships that are most important to you?

What investments are you making in your health? How do you ensure that you have the energy and capacity to perform at your peak?

What investments are you making in your brain? How are you getting better?

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  • Raul Colon

    In my case I am guilty of neglecting my health with lack of exercise and for the last 6 months I have hardly read any books. On the other side since October I started exercising a bit more. Although I am vegetarian I decided to go Vegan and make even better choices of what I consume. 

    On the educational side I try to learn something new every week via tutorials etc. Normally my clients request so many different things that I end up learning from all of them. 

    This post is a reminder to continue on track and make sure I go running today and maybe pick up a book even if it is for 20 minutes. 

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      How about listening to a book on the treadmill (or stationary bike)? Kill two birds with one stone?

      • Raul Colon

        Great idea.. any audio books that you recommend on Sales! 

  • Mike Rudd aka @marketingmiker

    One thing I have done is to make sure I do one new activity per week.  Partly out of fun, partly out of the yearn for learning new things, and partly b/c it sharpens my brain in using it in ways I normally don’t.  It helps me in my job I think to activate these other parts of my brain I don’t use regularly.
    It can be anything.
    I have done a painting class, skiing/tubing, watched a war documentary series, went to high school basketball games in the area, etc!

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Killer plan!

  • Chris Young

    Anthony… Thank you for this post. You are spot on. I am in my early 40s and I am finding the costs of delaying what I should have been doing years ago – taking better care of myself and those around me. Relationships matter. No one is going to accomplish their ultimate potential without the help of others.

    Rock on!

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Rocking on! Thanks, Chris!

  • Bruce Sallan

    Wisdom here, as always. Too many people pay too much attention to too many unimportant things! That is the takeaway for me from this post. I finally chose to invest in my business (I know that isn’t directly on topic) because I believe in what I’m doing. Having ALWAYS been an employee, it was hard to go solo and harder still to spend money on my own business before having a decent income to justify it. The justification is passion and belief…

    We’ll see!

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      The ultimate investment in self! 

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