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What If You Were Great at Cold Calling?

I hate cold calling.”

Cold calling is dead.”

Cold calling doesn’t work.”

It’s interesting the effect a core set of beliefs can have on your sales results. Many of the salespeople I know that struggle to produce results prospecting have a very negative set of beliefs about cold calling.

The salespeople I know that produce the best results have a different set of beliefs about cold calling. Many of them know that they are good at it, and they prefer to pick up the telephone and call their prospects. Some don’t have any strong feelings for or against cold calling. All of them make calls.

You may want to believe that things have changed and that you no longer have to cold call. You may want to believe that you can gain enough prospects to make your number through social media and referrals. You may want to believe these things, but that doesn’t make them true.

Maybe you aren’t worried about cold calling.

But you should be worried about your competitors that are effective at cold calling and who are willing to pick up the phone and call your clients and dream clients. You know, the dream clients that you are waiting to develop through your drip campaign.

What if?

What if you were to change your beliefs about cold calling? What if, instead of convincing yourself that cold calling sucks, you told yourself that cold calling still works—as long as you approach is professional and it creates value?

What if, instead of resisting cold calling, you embraced it? What if you were really good at it?

What if you used cold calling along with all of the other prospecting methods available to you to build an effective prospecting plan, one that produces and develops enough opportunities for you to make and exceed your number?

What if you were really good at cold calling? What if you were able to open the relationships that open opportunities effectively on the telephone? What if instead of worrying about your competitors calling into your clients and dream clients effectively they had to worry about you calling into theirs?

What if you were such a tremendous value creator that you could cold call and build an unassailable pipeline?

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  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…. I’m not afraid of cold calling, but with Social Media I find it’s easier to make my calls at least luke warm first.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      No reason not to make it as warm a call as possible, but I think if you do research before your call but your prospect isn’t expecting the call, it’s still a cold call. 

      • Anonymous

        I usually try to actually make a connection before the call. Of course it depends on what you’re selling. In my old wholesale days I walked right into stores all the time completely cold – of course that was before Social Media. Now I very rarely have to reach out with out some sort of introduction via the web first.

      • Daniel Maldonado

        I would say that may make sense in certain cases, but not all companies in the mid-market segment are in to social media yet, so cold calling becomes the way to make that connection.

        I have found that simply trying to find someone on linkedin for example isn’t simple and subsequently making a connection with them without a reason for connecting is also not as fluid as most make it sound.

        Sometimes picking up the phone, asking for the right person, leaving a voicemail, following up with email, and then continuing to call them until you get a hold of them live is effective.

        The question is…what do you say once you get them on the phone?

      • AmyMccTobin

        Yep. Or when you connect with them online. Or when you meet them at an event.  I’m not against Cold Calling… I just have very little need for it these days.

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