Your Clients Don’t Want to Retrain You

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This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. Over time, selling to and working with your clients, you gather a lot of … [Read more...]

Selling to Prospects Loyal to Your Competitor

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Most of the time that we spend looking for opportunities is spent in two segments of our competitor’s loyalty continuum. We seek opportunities within their at-risk clients, where we know dissatisfaction lives, and we compete for their inevitable-loss clients. If you hope to win … [Read more...]

The Client Loyalty Continuum

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There are countless ways that you can classify your clients and prospects. While you should never pretend that any client is yours forever, lest you become complacent, there is a loyalty continuum that helps you determine what actions you need to take to create value for—and … [Read more...]

Balancing Your Buyer’s Two Fundamental Needs

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Have you ever had a prospective client who convinced you through their words and their actions that they were ready to move forward with you and your solution, only to later disengage completely from the you and the opportunity? Have you ever struggled to understand why your … [Read more...]

What If You Were Great at Cold Calling?

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“I hate cold calling.” “Cold calling is dead.” “Cold calling doesn’t work.” It’s interesting the effect a core set of beliefs can have on your sales results. Many of the salespeople I know that struggle to produce results prospecting have a very negative set of beliefs about … [Read more...]

Why You Have Low Wallet Share and What To Do About It

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If you are going to exert the effort to go and win a client, why not put forth a little more effort and win the whole account? Sometimes we can succeed in winning orders and do so in a way that makes it more difficult to get what we were really after. Below are a few reasons … [Read more...]

Owning the Outcome Means No Hiding

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Your brand new client is upset. Your team is having trouble executing. They aren’t getting the results that they need, and your team is having trouble getting things right. Your client calls you to discuss the issue, but you are on sales calls and available. You call your team, … [Read more...]

How to Defend Your Price

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It’s okay to lose on price. It’s okay—and it’s necessary—to walk away from business where you will lose money. Your company’s business strategy requires that you walk away from this business. While there are still plenty of buyers that buy on price alone and refuse to admit that … [Read more...]

Making Do With What You Do Have

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It’s easy to look at other sales organizations and believe that they have advantages that you don’t have. This is especially true when the sales organizations you compete against are larger than yours. When you look at them as someone outside their organization, you believe that … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Haters

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There are some people that can never be happy seeing someone else succeed. They believe someone else’s success makes them something less. It makes them jealous. They don’t believe that someone else deserves a success that they themselves don't already have. They mock those that … [Read more...]