Is Your Year in Sales the Same Year Over and Over and Over ?

Just a few questions:

  1. Is your sales year this year the same sales year you had last year? What is different about this year for you? What are you personally doing to make this year different for you?

  2. Is what you are doing measurable? Is it having the impact that you need it to have? What do you need to do, what do you need to change, what improvement do you need to make, to have the impact that you need?

  3. Are you producing the same results that you produced last year? How are your results different? In what areas have you made massive and noticeable improvements?

  4. Is your sales year made up the same week being repeated over and over and over again? From week to week, from month to month, and from quarter to quarter, what changes, modifications, and improvements have you made? What are you focusing on?

  5. When you look back on 2010 (to date) what changes are you going to point to that demonstrates you personal and professional growth? What are you going to point to that demonstrates your greater effectiveness? What are you going to point to that demonstrates your greater results?


Success in sales is not found by having the same sales year over and over again. You need to make the changes that allow you to grow and develop both personally and professionally, lest you repeat yourself.



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  • Daniel M. Wood

    I think for most people the answer to all these questions would be “My job is almost identical to what it was a year ago”.

    I have tried to live my life after the rule – “Set year long goals and then work every day to complete them”. This has let me stay on track and my years are different each year, I keep moving closer to my ultimate goal.

  • the Success Ladder

    I really like your blog. Very good posts! Please continue posting such awesome cnotent.

  • Sean McPheat

    So true.

    A real sales professional is constantly reviewing what they are doing and then measuring the results that they get against that activity.

    They master the art of selling – i.e communication and soft skills as well as their SOS – i.e the Science of Selling – process, etc

    And they never stand still!

    They constantly plan, tweak and review and that’s the secret to successful selling!

    Sean McPheat

  • Jim

    Can a CEO truly be an effective Sales manager in a duel role? I say no, both are full time jobs. Especially if they are trying to double sales